Friday, April 24, 2009


Life seems to be going in so many different directions. It's been hard to get into any specific routines. I'm learning that things aren't as easily planned or carried out as they used to be. Bed time is whenever we get the chance to go, and never at the same time, or even together. It's impossible to have a set schedule cause each day is different. It gets exhausting sometimes trying to keep up with the fast pace of parent hood and trying to find some kind of balance with all other areas in our lives. There doesn't seem to be one. It all seems to be revolving around our new baby. Not that I'm complaining, I love him more every day. I will be glad though when he starts sleeping through the night and things settle down to somewhat normal. Whatever that is. I will especially be glad when I can fall asleep with my husband and be awake during the same hours.... Well, Ethan calls.


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